7 Ways to Accelerate Weight Loss With Intermittent Fasting

Tip number two is that we want you to make sure  that you stay away from the three worst foods you  could ever eat and will destroy your metabolism  quicker than any other habit in your life Dr. Mindy here and on this video we’re going to  talk about weight loss and I really want you  guys to understand this because so many of you  come to fasting to lose weight.

A lot of you get  great results and some of you get stuck. so on  this video I’m going to show you seven really  simple strategies to maximize your weight loss  efforts with intermittent fasting specifically  and if you’re new to my channel I just want to  say welcome I’m a woman on a mission to get a  million people here this year to teach people how  to fast this is our way out of chronic disease  and those of you that share my videos as  always just so grateful we are going to  change the world through fasting so I’m  excited to be on this journey with you.  Okay we’re going to start off this concept  of maximizing weight loss accelerating weight  loss with fasting with two really key principles  okay first is called metabolic flexibility  I’ve talked about this on other videos I just want  to make this as simple as possible and reinforce  the concept of metabolic flexibility you have  two energy systems one where your body will make  energy from the foods you eat the other one is  your body will make energy from the fat it burns  when you look at these two energy systems we call  this one a sugar burner this one a fat burner now  when you first hear that it makes perfect sense to  think well if I want to lose weight I just want to  be a fat burner all the time and a lot of you are  discovering that once you switch over into  fat burning mode you start dropping weight so you  just want to stay over there but that is not how  you lose weight permanently if you want to lose  weight permanently you’re going to need to switch  in and out of these two states and I’ll show you  and talk about how we do that in a moment okay  so that’s key principle second key principle is  that fat is literally saving your life so think of  fat instead of always villainizing it and saying  mean things to yourself when you look at your fat  look at the areas that you have extra weight and  say okay that was a way that my body needed to  store toxins it needed to store extra hormones it  needed to store extra sugar and thank god it put  it around my belly and it didn’t put it around my  liver so that’s the mindset we need to look at  so as we start to drop weight with fasting we’ve  got to open up the detox pathways so the body  knows how to get rid of this excess so the second  principle I want you to keep in mind is you’ve got  to open up your detox pathways okay with those  two principles out of the way let’s go to seven  things you can do so first if you want to improve  metabolic flexibility you’re going to need to  vary your fasts so we’ve got to get you going in  and out of these sugar burner fat burning states  more often so this is where one day at 15 hours  of fasting is great the next day you want to go  to 24 hours and maybe the next day you don’t fast  and then the next day you do a 17-hour fast and  then the following day you do a 24-hour fast this  in and out of fasting is what is going to unstick  your metabolism and make you able to go in and  out of sugar burner fat burner very efficiently  how you know you have great metabolic flexibility  are two really key things one is to ask yourself  can you go without food if you’re struggling  without food then you’re still your body’s  still trying to get over here at a fat burner so  we need to make sure that you can go without food  the second way to look is to go look at your blood  work that your doctor did what is your level of  hemoglobin A1C that is a big predictor  because hemoglobin A1C will show you  three months of glucose and insulin and how  you’ve been managing this sugar burner system  if your A1C is really high it means you’ve been  more in the sugar burner place and less in the  fat burning place so watch that number we want it  under five for great metabolic health second tip  tip number two is that we want you to make  sure that you stay away from the three worst  foods you could ever eat and will destroy your  metabolism quicker than or any other habit in  your life food number one bad oil I’ve done  videos on that food number two foods that are high  in refined flours and sugars, I’ve done videos on  that and food number three is anything packed with  toxins so get to know your ingredients come back  to nature’s food get away from the processed foods  and you’re gonna find be going in and out of these  two states much easier okay tip number three we’re  now gonna move into opening your detox pathways  so the first thing we love fasting for weight loss  it’s phenomenal but there are other hacks we can  use to accelerate our weight loss efforts  that will not only get our metabolism working well  but open these detox pathways up and one of those  ways is just walking it is just pure movement  if you want to go running great if you want  to go walking fine but when you walk in a forward  direction what you’re doing is you’re calming your  lizard brain down that part of the brain that is  always looking to keep you safe when you move in a  forward direction you calm that amygdala down when  that calms down cortisol comes down when cortisol  comes down you are going to lose weight a lot  easier so make sure you’re moving on a daily basis  second thing make sure you’re sweating did  you know that your skin actually produces  testosterone and you’ve got to make sure that you  sweat on a regular basis so that we can not only  mobilize toxins but we can make sure that your  body’s making some key hormones like testosterone  so sweating a couple of times a week if you’re not  sweating let’s make sure that we can find some new  ways for you to sweat like using an infrared sauna  but you want to make sure that you’re sweating as  many days out of the week as you possibly can  every day wouldn’t be the end of the world okay  tip number three you gotta hydrate our body  does not do well when it’s in a dehydrated state  it will raise cortisol now when we’re fasting  that’s pretty easy but if you have a busy life  like I do what ends up happening is i  often forget oh I gotta go drink water  I want you guys drinking water on a regular basis  so there is no magic number to the water intake  that you should be doing but if  you put the element mineral powder in your water  and you take like a big container like this is one  of the containers that I use on a regular basis Itry to get two to three of these a day when you do  that on a regular basis you’re now supporting your  kidneys you’re hydrating your gut and you’re gonna  make the exit of those toxins coming out of fat  much more efficient and the body’s not  gonna hold on to weight like it used to  tip number five is no tip number six is  bowel movements you have got to have to  have a normal bowel movement I’d rather you have  diarrhea instead of constipation but when you’re  constipated what ends up happening is that you  hold those toxins inside so you’re doing all this  incredible fasting but it’s those toxins are not  getting out so we need to make sure that you’re  having daily bowel movements I have done a whole  video on constipation so make sure that you go  and watch that video okay last tip number  seven is sleep this is so vitally important for  your weight loss efforts you’ve got to be getting  good quality sleep now what is good quality sleep  well this is where a whoop comes in handy because  we can see how long we’re sleeping but it’s the  deep sleep that’s the most important you want  to be somewhere between one to two hours of deep  sleep because that’s where the brain detoxifies  this is the organ that’s gonna control everything  from the head down so if this gets toxic and this  gets toxic you are gonna struggle to lose weight  so when we’re sleeping what we’re doing is we’re  allowing our brain to reboot itself we’re getting  the detoxification of the lymphatic system around  our brain we’re detoxifying efficiently so that  the brain works better the next day so those  are my seven tips they’re very simple I hope  um and they’re incredibly effective I feel like  I’ve answered almost every question I possibly  could on fasting and one of the things i know  you guys struggle with is where you either hit  plateaus with weight loss or you start gaining  weight or you just want to make sure that you are  speeding the weight loss process up it’s it would  be easier for me to give you some fancy trick  but we’ve got to get to the fundamentals and  those seven things are the fundamentals so let  me know if that helps I’d also love to know in  this video go down into the comments and tell  me how much weight you’ve lost with fasting and  you guys that are new to my channel go read those  comments because it will blow your mind what  people are accomplishing with fasting when it  comes to weight loss if you guys need more help  with the fasting building a fasting lifestyle  that’s what we’re doing in my reset academy and  I have a lot of courses in there on fat burning  we have a 15-day fat burning reset that’s videos  are already done that you can hop in today and  start moving into that reset so if you want to  come over into our academy just put reset academy  and my team will send you a link and if you need  more videos I would head over from this video to  a video that i did called what fast should i do  to lose weight that’s a great resource for you  but i can’t wait to read your story so put  your fasting weight loss in the comments i  will be sure to watch those and as always don’t  give up on yourself you are a flapping miracle.

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