Has vaccination in France reached its glass ceiling? While nearly half of the French are vaccinated, the government sees with fear the rate of injections slowing down. To reach those who have not yet taken the plunge, the authorities wish to provide treating physicians with the list of their unvaccinated patients.

The idea is to cross the patient base of the doctors, by relying on the nominative files established by the Health insurance, with the database of vaccinations. They would thus be able to come into direct contact with the undecided, the isolated, the vulnerable … to offer them vaccination. According to information from Les Echos , the Ministry of Health announced to liberal health professionals that these lists would reach them by the end of June.

But, for the time being, the decree which should regulate this practice is still only a project. Before hoping to go before the Council of State, the text must be validated by the National Commission for Data Protection (CNIL). Because medical data is particularly sensitive and protected.closevolume_off 

Moreover, doctors have been asking for lists of patients “for a long time: to vaccinate against influenza, to screen for breast or colon cancer …”, without ever obtaining them so far, indicates Luc Duquesnel, president of the section. general practitioners of the CSMF union, at Les Echos.


But, in the midst of a pandemic , the situation could change. Faced with the slowdown in the vaccination campaign and the progression of the Delta variant, Health Insurance is optimistic about the outcome of discussions with the CNIL. This decree is presented as a tool to fight against health inequalities, in that it makes it possible to seek out the French people who are furthest away from care. The figures show that the over 80s, obese people, some chronically ill and disadvantaged groups are notably “under-vaccinated”.

The fact remains that, if this decree comes into force, there is no guarantee that treating physicians will not face refusals. If the response of the targeted patients is not favorable, other measures are considered to extend vaccination coverage. The idea of ​​making injection compulsory for certain audiences has, for example, already been mentioned, especially for nursing homes .

In addition, the Academy of Medicine recommends “suspending reimbursement of tests” for Covid-19 “performed for personal convenience”, in order to encourage people to opt for the vaccine. On Monday June 28, government spokesman Gabriel Attal said the executive was not considering it for the moment. But the question, he assures, “will arise around the start of the school year”.

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