The return of sunny days also signals that of the ants. To prevent these little crawling insects from quickly colonizing your home, here are some tips on how to keep them away naturally.


To hunt these little animals without having to use an insecticide, nothing like coffee grounds. Indeed, its acidity strongly repels ants. After having moistened it, place some at the feet of your walls, or on a small plate on the kitchen plan, a room often prized by these pests belonging to the order of Hymenoptera.


Another ingredient to scare them away: lemon juice . The smell of this sour citrus, especially when it is a little moldy, disturbs their sensory receptors, which are extremely developed. You can squeeze a lemon where they have settled, or you can cut slices and place them directly near the entry points.


Lavender is also on the list of odors that ants particularly hate. You can drop branches or small sachets of lavender to their cozy nests or use lavender essential oil. After diluting a few drops in water, spray the mixture as they pass.  


To ward off these invaders, which have the capacity to carry between 10 and 50 times their own weight, it is also recommended to opt for baking soda , also called sodium bicarbonate. You just need to scatter it all over the corners of your home.


Chalk is also a very effective natural ant control. These harmless little insects, but still annoying when they mistake your home for theirs, tend not to cross chalk marks. So, to block their way, just draw a big line with chalk on the window sill. 


Finally, you can spray white vinegar , pure or diluted with water. This product is an infallible weapon for fighting ants, but also for cleaning almost any surface in your home. Thus, kill two birds with one stone by running a soaked sponge over the sink, windows, worktop, or even furniture.

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