Top 5 Weight Loss Mistakes That You're Probably Making

 What’s up? It’s your girl, Frumpy Fit. If you don’t know who I am, I’m an online weight loss coach who’s dedicated to calling out all of the BS in the fitness industry and providing you with accurate fitness, nutrition, and weight loss information.

Today we are talking about the top five things that I think people are doing wrong, or mistakes they’re making when it comes to weight loss. And some tips of how to not do those things or what to do instead. But before we jump straight into the content, is sponsored by me! My new course opening for enrollment and all the extra free stuff that I’m offering this week to celebrate the launch of this course. So if you’re into free stuff, keep watching. Otherwise, you can skip to the timestamp right hereto head straight into the content .So first, at 11 a.m. Pacific Standard Time on the 28th, 29th, and 30th of this month, July, I am doing a livestream series here on YouTube to talk about a few really important topics that I think are gonna be so valuable for you guys. Number one, how to balance weight loss with real life. Number two, why now is the best time to get started with weight loss, and number three, why you feel so stuck and overwhelmed. And I’m gonna be doing Q&A’s at the end of all three of these lives, so to make sure that you don’t miss them, subscribe to my channel and hit the notification bell. Also, I just have to say, if you’ve been watching my channel, or I guess even if you’re new, hitting the subscribe button just means the absolute world to me as a content creator. It seems so simple and so silly, but it really, really does help. which, admittedly, I’m extremely just mind-blown and excited about. Okay, number two, next free thing, is that I’m doing a private webinar talking about the one thing that you need to achieve sustainable weight loss and no, it’s not a calorie deficit. And this is happening on the 31st at noon Pacific Standard Time.

I’ll be doin’ a Q&A at the end of this as well, but it’s open to registrants only, so make sure you go to the link that’s pinned in the comments, or in the description, to sign up and save your spot for that webinar, and you really don’t wanna miss coming live to this one because I’m offering a special bonus related to my course that is only available to people who show up live. And third, on the same day of the free webinar, the 31st,my course is opening for enrollment, and if you are interested in joining my course, no it’s not free, but special early bird pricing will only be available for a few days, so you got to make sure you’re tuned in so you do not miss that. In that same pinned comment and in the description, I’ll include a wait list link so that you get notified as soon as you’re able to enroll in the course. I also recommend following me on Instagram because that’s where I give super quick updates and where you can DM me if you have questions about any of this stuff. All right, that is everything. We’re gonna jump straight I hope to see you guys at all of these free, exciting things and in my brand new course. So the first mistake that I see so many people making, like maybe 90% of people making, is that they follow what somebody else is doing,or what they’ve heard somebody else has done. And I get it, it makes sense, you follow the adviceof somebody who has the results that you want, but here’s the thing, we know that a calorie deficit is required for weight loss, but there’s a million different ways that you can accomplish a calorie deficit, so following one persons way is potentially neglecting your specific needs, which is gonna make it hard for you to be successful. Like whatever they did worked for them because they likely met their needs and it’s not a guarantee to meet yours. So what you should do instead is take the principals and the fundamentals of weight loss and apply them to your life in the way that you need them to exist in your life. The only must is be in a calorie deficit, but literally everything else is up to you. And if you’re confused about a calorie deficit or wanting more information about the fundamentals so you can figure out how to apply it in your life, then watch whatever I’m linking up here because they’re gonna talk all about a calorie deficit, calories, everything you need to know. And just an FYI, these are not in any particular order, it’s just the order that I thought of them in. But number two is wanting to lose weight too quickly, or expecting to lose weight too quickly. By doing this you put so much pressure on yourself to achieve a specific result in a specific amount of time, and when that doesn’t happen, you’re usually disappointed. You’re disappointed when the scale doesn’t move, or when the mirror isn’t showing you what you want it to, or your clothes aren’t fitting the way you want it to. Disappointment ultimately sets you up for failure ‘ca use you’re like, if nothing that I’m doing is working, why am I even trying? So we wanna avoid that if we can. And so let’s talk about not tracking your progress first. When you don’t have a solid plan or strategy for tracking your progress, then you are gonna miss it.I know so many people who are like, “Oh well, I would notice.

I would notice if I was getting results. “But just like you don’t wanna lose weight too quickly, if you’re losing weight in a slow and sustainable way, it’s very likely that you’re gonna miss the results that are happening because they are happening more slowly. Even if you are losing weight at a faster rate, it’s very, very, very easy to miss or downplay the results that you’re getting because you’re just not tracking them in an appropriate way. So now let’s say you’re on the other side of this spectrum and you’re obsessing over tracking your progress. You’re weighing yourself every single day and when you aren’t seeing the results you’re expecting, you kind of start to freak out, and so that’s the problem with obsessing over it is that chances are you are getting results, it’s just not showing up in the exact way that you are tracking it. So coming up with your minimum effective dose essentially means figuring out what’s gonna get you the most bang for your buck, and figuring out what’s not and ignoring that stuff, and that’s how you build your plan. So if you skipped ahead in the beginning ‘ca use you didn’t wanna hear about the free stuff but now you hear this and you’re interested, I’m hosting a webinar this Saturday. That’s what this topic is about. We’re doing a live stream series, again, you can go back and watch that if you skipped it in the beginning. I don’t blame you, it’s fine. I love doing live stuff with you guys. So I’m sure there’s gonna be a future date where all of this will be offered. All right, those are my top five mistakes that I see people making. I would say 90% of people making when it comes to their weight loss journey.

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