How to get wishes

Wishes are an energy that is essential for summoning new characters to the various
banners, both temporary and permanent. Suffice to say that everyone is tearing them off!
Impossible to miss the slightest opportunity to obtain it.

To obtain wishes, you can use Primogems, Asterias or Astrions. You can also use Destiny Stones obtained from the Battle Pass. Finally, it is possible to recover wishes against euros.

There are many methods to obtain wishes, although some of them require much more patience than others. We explain everything to you in the rest of the article.

The Primogems

Wishes are essentially a conversion of Primogems, Genshin Impact’s exclusive currency.
Without Primogems, summoning is nearly impossible.

These Prime Gems can be condensed to form either a “Stone of Doom” (for use in temporary banners) or a “Stone of Destiny” (for use in permanent banners).

These stones are called “wishes”. To form a single wish, you must convert 160 primo-gems and exchange them for one of these stones. And bringing together so many, let’s face it, is no small feat!

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Exchanges of Asterias and Astrions

It is also important to talk about other ways to obtain wishes, without going directly to the
primo-gems. Once you run out, you can always consider these few alternatives.

To do this, you should know that when you make an invocation, you earn exchange coupons.

These coupons are a kind of currency that you can exchange for different items, including “Stones of Fate” or “Stones of Destiny” which are used to make wishes.

There are two types of exchange coupons:

  • Free Asteria (which you can earn when you summon a 5
    -star item or character)
  • Free Astrions (which you can earn – in larger quantities – when you summon
    a 4-star item or character)

But it must be emphasized that no matter the outcome of your summon (even if it is a 3-star item), you always gain a fixed amount of at least 15 Astrions.

Articles you may be interested in:Genshin Impact: How to refine your weapons and improve them?Once you have gathered Asteria and Astrions, during different invocations, you can exchange them for stones. Both types of stone are the same price. Each costs 5 Asteria or 75 Astrions.

You should know, however, that the number of authorized exchanges for the Astrions is very limited. You can only “purchase” 5 “Stones of Fate” and 5 “Stones of Destiny” per month.

Once the trade has been made, you can see a countdown timer appear on this box. It tells you how much time is left before the next trade.

When it comes to Asteria, there doesn’t seem to be a set limit so far, but since these coupons aren’t as easy to earn, maybe we just never reached it!

The “Vagabond” Battle Pass

And yes, even if they are not numerous, it is indeed possible to earn a few “Stones of Destiny” within the Battle Pass, and this without having to pay a penny.

If you don’t know what it is, the Battle Pass is like a notebook that allows you to collect rewards throughout an update.

Updates punctuate the game of Genshin Impact and the Battle Pass always adapts to them. For information, it can only be unlocked at adventure level 20.

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For those who already have it, you must therefore arm yourself with patience and devotion, to complete all the challenges launched by the pass for its entire duration: log in, complete 4 daily missions, obtain 10 ores, cook 20 dishes, complete 15 dungeon challenges etc.

Completing these missions will allow you to increase your BP level which gradually unlocks rewards.

To be more exact, you have the possibility to earn 5 “Stones of Destiny” in total in the Pass.

One for every 10 levels (lvl 10, lvl 20, lvl 30 etc), the maximum level of the Battle Pass being 50.

If you’re willing to pay, that’s another story! The “Gnostic” Battle Pass, as it is called, brings you many more rewards.

More precisely, at each level, you get a “Stone of Fatality” and some very attractive bonuses, all for the price of €9.99.

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If we combine the two, you therefore arrive at a total of: 5 “Stones of destiny” + 4 “Stones of fatality” + 680 primo-gems (which after the exchange bring you another 4 wishes of the type of your choice ).

We can say that this is not a bad deal! But you have to remember that to get all these rewards, you have to play regularly and spend a lot of time completing the challenges of the Pass, otherwise you will never reach level 50.

Crystal Refills

The latter is by far the most controversial, as it involves pulling out the blue card to hopefully get (completely randomly) your favorite character.

Indeed, it is possible to buy a certain number of primary crystals by taking out the wallet. To this amount is added a slight bonus, valid only for the 1st purchase of each formula.

We can cite among others the cheapest formula (1.19€ for 60 primary crystals), as well as the most expensive formula (119.99€ for 6480 primary crystals).

These amounts do not take into account the possible bonuses that we have just mentioned (which sometimes go as far as doubling the amount of crystals received).

Warning: these prices are only valid in Europe. A price transition is currently underway, and it has already affected all mobile gamers. Those who play on PC seem to be spared for now, but we think it will be soon.

These Prime Crystals, once purchased, can be exchanged for Prime Gems. At this point, the invocations follow the same operation that we explained earlier.

What is good to know is that 1 primary crystal = 1 primo-gem. This greatly simplifies the calculations!

To recap, the cheapest formula would therefore earn you no wishes, while the most expensive would allow you to acquire around 40.

On the other hand, we can agree on one point: it is far from being affordable for all players. And let’s not even talk about F2P (free to play).

Favor of the Night Star

This is why some players opt for the more affordable option, but also more spread over time: the favor of the star of the night.

This is a kind of subscription that can be purchased multiple times and lasts for more than 30 days.

You receive a total of 300 primary crystals (which are equivalent – ​​we remind you – to 300 primo-gems once converted) and 2,700 primo-gems (up to 90 primo-gems per day).

This formula is often adopted by more patient players. Those who are too impetuous usually prefer a more instant solution like buying crystals.

And we would like to add, but there really as a last resort, that the statues of the Archons or the trees of the different regions also offer some wishes.

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